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ADF : How to change LOV default validation message “Invalid Value”?

ADF : How to change LOV default validation message “Invalid Value”?

In this tutorial I will explain you how to change default validation message of LOV. For this I‘m using custom validation which validates user input value based on LOV in place of default Validator which is already added by default in ADF framework.

Let’s take an example. I’m using HR schema for this tutorial.

Step 1:  Create VO for LOV using this query

select department_name from departments.

Step 2: Create a transient attribute or any other attribute where you want to apply LOV. (In this tutorial I’m using transient attribute on same VO named DeptLov).

Step 3: Add LOV to DeptLov attribute.

Step 4:  Add validation rule on DeptLov in Rule type. Select “List” and select “View Accessor Attribute” on list type. Then select attribute which you use in LOV, in my case Department Name.


Step 5: Add your custom message which you want to give on “Failure Handling” tab.


Step 6:  Now you have to drag-n-drop DeptLov attribute on .jspx page as
List of Value ->Adf LOV Input.

Step 7:  Go to source window and comment following line of code.

<af:inputListOfValues id="deptLovId"
popupTitle="Search and Select: #{bindings.DeptLov.hints.label}"
<!--f:validator binding="#{bindings.DeptLov.validator}"/-->




Sample Code


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