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Dynamically converting rows to columns (updatable) in adf table


We need to convert row data to column data dynamically in a viewobject or in an adf table and how can we use this data in the adf page.

A view object has to be created dynamically from a query which will convert row data into columns. Given Data: Col1 loc1 loc2 loc3... n Col2 1 2 3..... n i.e There are n rows in the tables and 2 columns

So my new view object will show data like below Converted Data: col1-->loc1 val--> 1; col2-->loc2 val--> 2; col3-->loc3 val--> 3; col4-->loc4 val--> 4; .... coln-->locn val-->n

Now there is 1 row and n columns in the table.

Requirement 1 is these should come dynamically based on how many rows are there and we should be able to update the data in the columns as well.

How to achieve the above requirement in java/adf and how can we use these new columns in the jsf/jjsff pages?

TIA, Pankaj

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