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Disable future Date on ADF “inputDate” Component

Sometimes we need to disable future date on ADF inputDate Component so that, a user is unable to select date after the current date. For this purpose we can use ADF inputDate component MaxValue property. Here’s a small step by step tutorial to achieve this requirement. Step1:- drag-drop ADF inputDate component on jspx page from component palette. Step2:- create following ... Read More »

Using Method Call Activity to open form on Insert Mode

This is very common scenario where a user wants to execute some code before the page loads. For this purpose, ADF Framework provides Method Call Activity. Method Call Activity creates a method on your managed bean which is being called first and after that, the jspx page loads. In my example I have created a simple form using employees table ... Read More »

ADF Table: Select multiple rows using check box.

Today I’m going to explain very common case of selecting multiple rows in ADF table using checkboxes. This is very common requirement where user wants to select multiple rows using check box. Here I’m using hr schema employees table.   Step1: create Entity Object and View Object using Employees table. Step2: Create transient attribute Boolean type on Employees View Object. ... Read More »

ADF: Custom Error Handler to Display Custom Message to User

Sometimes user wants to display custom error message instead of default message. For such cases ADF framework provides a way to create custom error handler class which extends default DCErrorHandlerImpl class. You are not required to write any code to register your custom exception handler class. Instead, you’ve to select the root node of the DataBindings.cpx files in the Structure ... Read More »

How to Install Android SDK manager in Oracle ADF Jdeveloper

This tutorial will helps you to install android SDK manager in oracle ADF jdeveloper as well as will also explain how to create a simple on-device ADF  mobile application & deploy in emulator (You can also deploy it on actual Android device too). For developing mobile application you will need these components:-  jdeveloper  jdk 1.7  Android SDK manager  ADF ... Read More »

ADF: Programmatic View Object Using Ref Cursor.

Sometimes user needs to create View Object based on procedure or function which returns Ref cursor. For this type of requirement ADF framework provides programmatic VO option.  In this tutorial I’ll explain you how we can create View Object using Cursor.   To create programmatic View Object you have to override following methods of View Object Impl Class. 1. create() ... Read More »

ADF: Display Subtotal in ADF Table

Sometimes we need to show total of any number field like employee salary according to department but we also want to print employee name, id and other fields. For this purpose query is- Select first_name,employee_id,department_id,sum(salary) from employees group by first_name,employee_id,department_id But our requirement is that we want to show total of salary according to department. For this purpose I’m going ... Read More »