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How to Create Web Service using Application Module custom method?

This article is about creating Web Service using Application Module Custom method. To make it simple I’m using hr database’s Employee table and created a method that has two parameters, Employee Id (Which employee information you want to access) and Column name (what information you want to get e.g.  first name, email id). Create method on Application module Impl class ... Read More »

How to insert Unicode Character on your database table when your Oracle database does not have Unicode Character Set?

This post is about How to insert Unicode character (like Hindi) when your database not support Unicode Charset. To check your database support Unicode character or not you can use following query   SELECT value$ FROM sys.props$ WHERE name = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET' ;   If it will return WE8ISO8859P1 that means it is not support Unicode characters. For binding or defining ... Read More »

How to invoke Application Module Method from Page?

Sometimes we need to perform some database operation like insert data to table or others, for that purpose we can use application module method   which easily get connection from database to perform database curd operation. 1. First create method to Application Module Impl class as follows- public String createDepartment(String id, String name, String mid, String lid) { String msg = ... Read More »