ADF: Customizing the Appearance of Button using Skin

ADF framework provide component specific skin selector to customize look & feel of component. For Button  af|commandButton skin selector is used. This post is about how to customize ADF button.  af:commandButton have five state 1.normal af|commandButtonhover 2.hover : when mouse over button. af|commandButton:hover 3.focus: when the button on focus af|commandButton:hover 4.disabled : when button  disabled af|commandButton:disabled : when button ... Read More »

How to customize look and feel of ADF table?

Sometimes we need to customize ADF table, so here I will explain how to change look and feel of table using CSS. Showing table without header cell and row selection background color set to transparent like following image. af|table.stylestable { border:none; } af|table.stylestable af|column::column-header-cell { display:none; } .AFTableCellDataVHGrid:alias { border:none } af|table.stylestable::data-row:selected af|column::data-cell { background-color:transparent; border: none; } af|table.stylestable::data-row:selected:focused af|column::data-cell ... Read More »