Consuming Web Service using ADF Web Service Data Control

Consuming Web Service using ADF Web Service Data Control

Web Service is a client server application that communicate over WWW (World Wide Web) Http. Basically web service allows enterprises to expose business functionality irrespective of platform, language of application because business functionality exposed in such a way  composed of standard XML constructs that can be recognized and used by other applications.

ADF have functionality to consume External Web Service by creating Web Service Data Control. In this tutorial I am using a public web service Currency Conversion using WSDL URL ( )you can use any other web service same way. So hear is step how to create Web Service Data control and create form using this Data Control.

Sample Code

1. Right Click on your Model Project and Select New. Then Select Web Services from Categories and then select Web Service Data Control From Items.




2. Now Define name of Service and WSDL URL and click on Next Button.



3. Select all  operation that you Expose in Data Control.



4.  Here you can specify format of Response leave this as default and click on Finish  Button.




5. Right click on View Controller project select new and create JSF page.




6. Drag “ConversionRate (Stirng,String)” function from Data Control and drop on Jspx page as a ADF parameter form



7. You have also drag drop response attribute as output text to show result of your web service.



8.  Result







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