Disable future Date on ADF “inputDate” Component

Disable future Date on ADF “inputDate” Component

Sometimes we need to disable future date on ADF inputDate Component so that, a user is unable to select date after the current date.

For this purpose we can use ADF inputDate component MaxValue property. Here’s a small step by step tutorial to achieve this requirement.

Step1:- drag-drop ADF inputDate component on jspx page from component palette.

Step2:- create following method on backing bean class which return oracle.jbo.domain.Date type  currentDate.


Step3:- select inputDate component on jspx page and go to property inspector  MaxValue select Expression Builder select currentDate function.



Now when you’ll run the program, you be able to see that the  future date is disabled. User will be able to select the dates  before the current date.



If user manually enters the date, it’ll validate the date and will display a validation message.



Sample Code


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