How to Install Android SDK manager in Oracle ADF Jdeveloper

How to Install Android SDK manager in Oracle ADF Jdeveloper

This tutorial will helps you to install android SDK manager in oracle ADF jdeveloper as well as will also explain how to create a simple on-device ADF  mobile application & deploy in emulator (You can also deploy it on actual Android device too).

For developing mobile application you will need these components:-

  1.  jdeveloper
  2.  jdk 1.7
  3.  Android SDK manager
  4.  ADF Mobile extension

Step 1:- Download jdk1.7 from



Click on Accept License Agreement and choose jdk-7u21-windows-i586 for windows 32 bit or jdk-7u21-windows-x64 for windows 64 bit.

Step 2:- Download and install jdevloper from



After installing jdeveloper  follow these  steps..

(i)   Open jdeveloper

(ii) Help>Check for updates


(iii)  Click next at Welcome dialog box


 (iv)  Click …  Install from Local file.

Download Oracle ADF mobile extension zip files from


now click on jdeveloper’s  Welcome dialog box Browse button and select Oracle ADF mobile extension zip  file which you had already downloaded.

(v)  Click on finish button and restart you Jdeveloper

Step 3:-  Download and install the Android SDK from



  • Unzip the
  • Double click the SDK Manager.exe application.
  • The Android SDK Manager is invoked. Install all packages and emulators which you’ll be using.



Step 4:- After JDeveloper is restarted,  set the device SDK preferences.

Select the menu item Tools > Preferences.



On the left side of the Preferences dialog box click the ADF Mobile node. If you are using the ADF Mobile extension first time you may need to click the Load Extension button



Expand the ADF Mobile node, and select Platform Android.


In Android SDK location give SDK.exe path where you unzip Android platform location select android-17 form unzipped folder.

Click OK to save your settings.

Step 5:- Open your unzipped file and run sdk.exe




Click on Tools>Manage AVDs..



An android Virtual Device Manager window will appear



Click at New button



Give AVD name: As you Want.

Device: Select Nexus7(7.27”,800*1280: tvdpi)

Target: Android 4.2.2-API Level 17

RAM: 512

SD card: 512 mib

Click Ok.

Then select your previously created device from android Virtual Device Manager list and click on start button to launch the emulator



And Your are done with configuring Android SDK with Oracle Jdeveloper and with first android application built with ADF Jdeveloper.


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